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Title: Ephemeroptera - Key to Larvae from Central Europe

Authors: Ernst Bauernfeind, Wolfgang Lechthaler (2014)

ISBN: 978-3-9501839-6-2

  This DVD offers a versatile application for the identification of last instar larvae of the order Ephemeroptera (Kl. Insecta). About 140 species of Central Europe are documented precisely and numerous illustrations of relevant morphological characters can be queried from an extensive picture data base and compared with each other. A range of ecological and systematic dates shall enhance the knowledge of this invertebrate group, significant for the classification of standing or running waters.  

Technical Data:

Size of File: 1,3 GB, DVD

Number of Images: over 5.000

Number of Species: 140

Sub-Applications: Family D-Key, Species D-Key, Family Query Key, Species Query Key, Gallery, Morphology, Ecology, Product Info

System Requirements: PC; Windows XP, Vista, W7 or 8; IE 6 or higher; administrator rights

Copy Protection: protected by Wibu Key (USB)


Sample of Images

To view a selection of pictures, enable the link Sample of Images and click on the thumbnails.

Illustrations of the program can be queried over the link Software Images. Click on the thumbnails to view the images in a bigger size.

Pictures of the details, taken from every species and stage are shown in the Detail List.

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