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Eutaxa-Products for use in Identification Courses

Lecturers in identification courses may use eutaxa products to demonstrate how to identify species or to present their morphology by displaying images from the reference collection.

On request, eutaxa makes a set available to organisers of courses, including 10 CD-ROMs and a number of 20 Wibu Protection Keys, which are unlocked for a period of 30 days, allowing the organiser to install and to use the products on 20 PCs or notebooks.

The equipment may be used:

a. to install the software on the lecturer's own machine, in order to demonstrate the identification and separation of species via monitor,

b. to install the software on the PCs or notebooks of the participants of the course, allowing them to use the program for identifying species and for learning how to distinguish between them.

If there are not enough computers available, persuade the participants to bring along their own notebooks and install the software on these machines. Previously make assure that the notebooks are suitable for installing the software (System Requirements). Pursuant to the number of delivered Wibu Keys, the software can be run on up to 20 machines at the same time.

Advantages for Organisers and Participants

1. Details of species can easily be presented on a monitor; it is not necessary to dissect or to prepare specimens under a microscope before or during the course.

2. Differences between species can be simply demonstrated by the comparison of images loaded from the reference collection; species and details may be arranged very rapidly.

3. The transport of valuable species material from own collections to the course is not necessary, because pictures of these species are included in the software.

4. Less species material must be collected, for the purpose of being prepared and identified.

5. Participants get a better overview of the organism group.

6. Identification problems and errors can be discussed with several participants while watching the illustrations on the monitor (this is more difficult when explaining a detail that is shown under the microscope).


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