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How to Order

Order the eutaxa course-set either by sending an email to lechthaler@eutaxa.com or open the Order Form link, print the PDF-Order Form, fill in the required dates and send the letter to the eutaxa contact address (contact).

When delivering the order per email, please state your name, address and the date and duration of the course, according to the specifications in the order form.



Contract Conditions

1. Delivery of the Course-Set

After the order has been delivered, you will receive a confirmation by email. The course-equipment will be sent to you in a case containing the following:

1. lockable case
10 CD-ROMs of the ordered product
20 Wibu Protection Keys, unlocked for the wished product
course certifications for participants
5. product order forms

The delivery costs are paid by eutaxa. From the time of delivery, the customer has to assume liability for any damages or loss of the eutaxa material. In addition, the customer has to pay the costs of the return and to arrange that the sender assumes liability for possible damages or loss during the transport.

2. Notification of the Course Rebate

The customer has to inform the course participants about the granting of a rebate. When ordering one or more eutaxa products within a period of 30 days after the end of the course, eutaxa allows a discount of 10 % of the net price of every CD ordered. Students additionally get a discount of 10 % of the net price (as described on the Price List page in the products chapter).

Order forms and course certifications are included in the course-set or can be downloaded via the Order Form link.

3. Preconditions for Discounts

A rebate can only be allowed after receiving a valid course certification. This requires filling in the certification form and the signature of the organiser or a stamp. To get a student discount, simply confirm with an entry in the corresponding check box in the PDF- or online order form.

4. User License

The contract allows the customer to install and to use the software on any PCs or Notebooks of the organiser and participants within a period of 10 days. At the end of this period the complete course-set has to be returned to eutaxa. If the time limit is exceeded, the costs of another 10 days have to be charged. The software may be uninstalled at the end of the course. Please inform all users that the Wibu Key driver and the SQL-Server should additionally be removed when uninstalling the eutaxa software.




The software can be used for a period of 10 days. At the end of this period, the equipment has to be returned to eutaxa, otherwise the price of another month has to be charged.

Time Period
Wibu Keys
Net Price
10 days
20 keys
600 €

In the event of damage or loss, the customer has to pay the costs of the damaged or lost components:

1. Wibu Key ............................ € 65
2. CD-ROM ............................. € 10
3. Case ................................. € 100

If a Wibu Key is lost, the customer has not compensate the whole price of the used license.