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Eutaxa has developed a special taxonomic software program, allowing the user to choose from different modes of identifying organisms up to species level and to view and to compare images from an extended picture database, comprising of thousands of micro-photographic images that make up the complete Electronic Reference Collection of a group. Both the identification keys and reference collection are linked so that the user always has access to the image collection of every species in order to verify the results of the determination work.

Moreover, the software provides a detailed description of the morphology of organism groups, as well as ecological, systematic and distribution data of all species covered by the key.

The key software is available on CD or DVD and may be installed on any machines with Windows operating systems. The software can be updated via Internet for free, so that the user always has the latest knowledge without additional capital expenditure.


The key software includes the following sub-applications:

D-Key: The sub-application contains a Dichotomic Key for identifying organisms up to genus or species level. All features are documented by microphotographic images that can be compared and distinguished.

Query Key: The Query Key offers a multi-criteria approach to identifying species or aggregating taxa closely resembling one another in their morphological or ecological features. The results can be transferred to the Gallery to arrange and to compare images of the grouped species, according to the last Q-Key calculation.

Gallery: The Gallery contains the digital Reference Collection, comprising thousands of high-quality microphotographic images. Each species is well documented with a series of images that can be arranged and compared in any number, order or size.

Morphology: In the Morphology sub-application, information on the morphological characteristics of the respective group is displayed. All structures relevant to identification are recorded in a number of illustrations and labelled in detail.

Ecology: The Ecology sub-application offers information about habitat conditions, synonyms or geographical distribution.

Info: This feature provides information on the project and the current product, a description of the organism group, addresses of the eutaxa email and website and a preview of other products.