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1. Copy Protection by Wibu Key
2. Installation of the Wibu Key
3. Upgrading the Wibu Key


1. Copy Protection by Wibu Key

The eutaxa software is protected by a copy protection key. Whenever using the key, this hardware dongle (Wibu Key) has to be connected to a USB port on the PC, otherwise the program does not work.

As the Wibu Key unlocks all eutaxa products that have been installed on a machine, only a single protection key is needed on one PC, irrespective of the number of installed eutaxa products.


The operation of different products on more than one PC at the same time requires an appropriate number of Wibu Keys. The required number has to be entered in the appropriate field of the online Order Form.

The costs of a Wibu Key are not included in the price of a CD/DVD. The costs can be requested in the price list via the link labelled products/Price List. Please note that one Key is free when purchasing more than two eutaxa products.


2. Installation of the Wibu Key

The software of the Wibu Key will be installed automatically during the setup of a eutaxa product. When installing the first eutaxa CD/DVD, the protection key should not be plugged in before the setup has been completed and the computer restarted. After restarting the machine, the key has to be connected to a free USB port to install the driver. When installing a second CD/DVD, the




key may remain connected to the USB port. Whenever connecting the key to the computer, it is recommended to use the same port on which the driver has been installed. When changing the port, the driver must be installed once again (this is usually automatically done by the Wibu Key).



3. Upgrading the Wibu Key

When installing a new eutaxa product on the PC, the Wibu Key can easily be unlocked by upgrading the Wibu Key.

To unlock the Wibu key, change to the desktop view, click the right mouse button, click the commands "New" and "Wibu Control File", select the command "WIBU-BOX Remote Programming Context File", click on "Create" and confirm with "OK".



Accordingly, a Wibu Key-file "MyWibuBox.wbc" is created on the desktop and has to be sent to eutaxa via email.

The upgraded file will be returned via email. Double-click on the attached file, confirm all dialogues and the Wibu Key will be upgraded automatically.