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  Installation of the Eutaxa Software  

A detailed installation guide is stored on every CD-ROM/DVD or can be queried over the link Installation Guide. The following text contains a short description of the setup procedure.


1. Insert the CD-ROM/DVD. If the setup does not start automatically, run Setup.exe from the root directory of the CD-ROM/DVD.

2. First the Microsoft.Net framework will be installed. Confirm this procedure with a click on the "Yes" button. Read the Licence agreement carefully; in case of acceptance continue the procedure with a click on the "install" button. In a next step confirm the completion dialog with "OK".

3. If the Internet Explorer 6 or higher has not yet been installed, the setup breaks and a dialog asks for a download of a higher version; otherwise the installation of the eutaxa software continues.

4. Read the User end license conditions carefully and confirm the installation with "Yes".

5. Fill in the name of your company and confirm this and the following steps with a click on the "Next" buttons, until the software has completely installed.

6. Now the Wibu Protection Key software will be copied (Do not plug in the Wibu Key!). Confirm this step with a click on the "Next" buttons and finally hit the "Finish" key and restart your computer.

7. After the PC has been restarted, plug in the Wibu Key and the driver will in installed automatically. Now the setup is complete and the program can be started via icon on the desktop.