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Short Description

The Ecology sub-application provides information about ecological requirements, systematic data, saprobic valences, longitudinal distributions in flowing waters and the distribution of species.

The data may be queried either by marking a species name in the list of the Selection Panel, or by selecting a species name or synonym name and the name of the author in the combo boxes of the tool bar. When entering a name, the actual species name and the data will be loaded automatically.



1. The program is useful for searching for any species names, whether synonyms or actual species. It can be used to match species lists supplied from different countries or scientists that use a different nomenclature.

2. The program allows the arrangement and comparison of distribution maps. Additionally, the user may query both the list of countries, representing the distribution of a species, and the list of species recorded from a certain country.


To get more information about the function of the Ecology cards, enable one of the Card-Links, listed in the navigation bar on the left side.

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