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Short Description

The Gallery sub-application allows access to several thousand images from an extensive picture data base. Each species is documented precisely, using numerous illustrations of its most important morphological characteristics. The Gallery allows the simultaneous configuration of images of various size and number. If needed, several features from a single species or identical features from different species may be arranged adjacently. This makes it possible to separate and allocate species by means of their morphological features.



1. The user has a complete digital reference collection that even contains rare species.

2. The collection requires no maintenance or preparations that dry up. It can be transported to other locations via CD-ROM or notebook.

3. Details of different species may be compared without damaging the user's own specimens.

4. The collection can be upgraded or rectified via free updates, which can be downloaded from the eutaxa website.


5. Every image can be zoomed, moved, copied, cancelled or inserted manually by the user at will or automatically by the program.

6. The user may insert images from his own picture collection in order to compare them with images of the eutaxa picture database.


To get more information about the Gallery, use one of the Function or Gallery Card links.

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