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Type and Structure of Gallery Cards

The Gallery offers two convenient and simple procedures for the comparison of images: one procedure is used for matching identical details of various species (Compare Species cards), the other one to arrange images that show different details of the same species (Species Profile cards).

Gallery cards display a variable number of Viewports, which are used to display images. When entering a card, the number of Viewports is preset to four, but the user may change this to any number up to 25. All images can be zoomed to get a better view of a certain detail (figure 2). Moreover, the program allows you to move, copy or to cancel images.


Display of Images

Pictures can be displayed on a card either by loading the images automatically (in Auto cards) or by dragging a name or thumbnail from one of the tabs of the Selection Panel into the Viewports using the mouse (in Manual cards).

Changing images of species or details is done easily by using special command buttons in the tool bar (Navigation Keys), which facilitate and accelerate the replacement of pictures with minimal work. Hitting the "next" or "previous" keys inserts the following or previous image records in sequence.


Sort Order of Images

The program allows you to arrange images in a Gallery card according to the sort order of the last Query Key calculation. The current results of the Query Key calculation can be transferred to the Gallery sub-application, and when selecting one of the Query Key Order buttons the images will be aligned accordingly (as shown in figure 3). This task is useful to verify the Query Key calculation by means of the comparison of the relevant morphological characteristics.