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What's the Advantage of a Compare Species Auto Card?

Example: You would like to identify fragmentary material, but using the dichotomic key is not helpful because relevant features are lacking. Enter the Auto Card, select the desired detail and arrange images of all species automatically. Browse the pages and compare the pictures displayed with the specimen under your microscope...................... An improved method is to group the species by the presence of morphological details in the Query Key first, and then to enter the Gallery Auto card and to arrange the images automatically, according to the Query Key sort order.



The Compare Species Auto card is used to insert pictures of all species automatically. The card allows you to change the number of Viewports (1-25) and to browse the pages to view all images. Every Viewport of the card displays the same detail. The details can be selected individually or queried in turn by switching the navigation keys forward or backward.

The species can be arranged alphabetically or according to the order of the last Query Key calculation, sorting the species by the presence or absence of morphological characteristics.