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What's the Advantage of a Species Profile Auto Card?

Example: You would like to view the whole profile of a species. Enter the card, select a species name and all details will be displayed automatically in their logical order. To switch to another species simply hit the Navigation Keys in the tool bar forward or backward to query the profile of all other species in sequence. The selected details will keep their position, but the species change.



The Species Profile Auto card is used to insert pictures of all details of a species automatically. The details are always aligned in their 'logical' order, starting with a view of the habitus and proceeding with body parts and finally small details that necessitate a dissection of the specimen. The card allows to you to change the number of Viewports (1-25) and to browse the pages to view all images. Every Viewport of the card displays a different detail of the same species.

The species can be selected individually or queried in turn by switching the Navigation Keys forward or backward. Their sequence may be set in the alphabetical order or according to the order of the last Query Key calculation, sorting the species by the presence or absence of morphological characteristics.