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Short Description

The D-Key sub-application consists of three cards, the D-Key card, the Species Profile card and the Species Description card. The D-Key card includes the dichotomic key and is divided into a left and a right half, each showing a picture, described in one of the text fields below, that are to be compared and distinguished. Arrow keys lead to the following pages until the species level is reached. To query information about the identified species, the user may switch to the Species Profile card to view images or to the Species Description card to query ecological data.

  Molanna angustata


1. Every distinguishing feature is well documented by a microphotographic coloured picture. Up to four pairs of images can be compared on each page.

2. The position of every feature can be displayed using a link to the Morphology sub-application.

3. Image tables show the variation of distinguishing features between different species or genera.

4. Images and a description of the identified species can be “queried” to verify the correctness of the determination process.

Molanna albicans

5. Every image can be zoomed to get a better view of a detail.

6. Buttons and command fields allow navigating within the key, to move forward or backward or to search for certain pages, contents or taxa.


To get more information about the dichotomic Key, activate one of the D-Key Card-Links, listed in the navigation bar on the left side.

To display the figures on the right in a bigger size, click on the images.