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Short Description

The Morphology sub-application provides information about the morphological characteristics of the respective organism group. All features relevant for determination are presented in numerous illustrations and labelled in detail.

Images can be displayed either by clicking on one of the thumbnails in the Image List or by searching for a detail in a combo box. When selecting a detail's name the corresponding image will be displayed automatically.

  Trichoptera, Rhyacophila


1. The program offers a series of Morphology cards, each containing images of a specific part of the body.

2. The program allows the arrangement and comparison of up to four images on one card.

3. The sub-application is useful for demonstrating morphological characteristics of an organism group in lectures, courses or presentations.

4. The images can be zoomed, moved, copied or cancelled.

Simuliidae, Simulium

5. The descriptions may be blanked out to get a better view of an image.


To display the figures on the right in a bigger size, click on the images.

Culicidae, Ochlerotatus