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Short Description

The program offers a complex method of identifying species or aggregating groups of species that are similar in their morphological characteristics. Every Q-Key includes several Query cards (figure 1) and a Matrix card (figure 2), which list a series of morphological or ecological features that can be individually checked when testing for concordance. After running a calculation, the results are displayed automatically (figure 3) and can be transferred into the Gallery sub-application to arrange images of details or to query species profiles according to the Query Key sort order.



1. Unlike the dichotomic Key, the multivariable key can be used to identify fragmentary material.

2. Species may be identified more quickly.

3. The Matrix allows you to sort or group species by the presence or absence of a user-defined number of morphological or ecological criteria.

4. The user is able to modify the Matrix and to insert or cancel checks. The changed data Matrix can be stored on the PC or sent to other users, allowing them to work with the modified data.


5. The Query Key results can be transferred to the Gallery sub-application in order to sort the images accordingly, allowing the user to verify the calculation by means of the comparison of pictures of the grouped species.


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