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  Eutaxa offers a series of high quality identification keys, available on CD-ROM or DVD. Each CD/DVD covers a specific organism group and includes various sub-applications, comprising a dichotomic and a multicriterial key, a complete reference collection with thousands of microphotographic images, a morphological description, ecological and systematic data and distribution cards of all taxa.

All products run with a copy protection key and can be installed on the PC by copying the application to the hard disk. You can find a detailed description of the software and the system requirements in the section key software, placed in the navigation bar on top of the page.


Five eutaxa products are currently available:

Culicidae 05: Lechthaler W. (2005): Culicidae – Key to Larvae, Pupae and Males from Central and Western Europe (CD)

Simuliidae 05: Lechthaler W. & Car M. (2005): Simuliidae – Key to Larvae and Pupae from Central and Western Europe (CD)

Trichoptera 05: Lechthaler W. & Stockinger W. (2005): Trichoptera – Key to Larvae from Central Europe (DVD)

Trichoptera Families 07: Lechthaler W. (2007): Trichoptera Families – Key to Larvae from Central Europe (CD)

MZB Families 09: Lechthaler W. (2009): Macrozoobenthos - Key to Families of Macroinvertebrates in European Freshwaters (DVD)

Ephemeroptera 14: Bauernfeind E. & Lechthaler W. (2014): Ephemeroptera – Key to Nymphs from Central Europe



To get information about one of these products, to query a list of included taxa or to view a sample of images, please enable one of the products links on the left.