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As a special service to our customers, eutaxa offers a series of updates, which can be downloaded from the website. The software may be updated regularly by downloading in order to get access to the latest data. The updates allow you to rectify or extend the currently installed version or to insert images of new species into the electronic reference collection.

In addition, the Support service offers some product folders and user manuals in German and/or English, as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning the eutaxa software.

Storing of PDF-Files: To store a PDF-file, simply click the "Open"-button and save the opened file in any directory on your computer.

Installation of Software-Updates: To install a rectified or extended version, click the download button to copy the application into any directory on your PC. To install the update, drag the copy into the eutaxa directory to replace the older version. The exact file path is shown within the table near the "Download"-button.

Software Demo: To get an impression of the eutaxa software, click on the Software Demo link and order the free demo-CD, including identification keys and the reference collection of larval stages of six species from the genus Culex (Fam. Culicidae). The CD will be delivered on receipt of the email.