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Wibu Key Installation

The installation of the Wibu software is done automatically with the setup of the EutaxaV3 software. The exact procedure is described in the installation guide, which can be downloaded from Folder & Manuals. Please note that the Wibu Key is only connected to the USB port of the computer after the setup of the EutaxaV3 software has been completed and the PC has been restarted. After the installation, the Wibu Key is listed under the installed programs in the system control and is also entered as a separate system control element. The successful installation can be checked by activating the system control element (as displayed in the picture on the right).

Wibu Key - Hardware Protection Key for Eutaxa Products

With the exception of the demo version (Trichoptera Families 23), the images in all programs are encrypted and protected against piracy by a Wibu Key (hardware copy protection key) from Wibu Systems. When purchasing new Eutaxa software, a Wibu Key must therefore be purchased in addition to the programs. The price for a Wibu Key is 65 €. When purchasing more than 2 products (for example, when using the Subscription offer), a Wibu Key is free of charge. The hardware protection key will be sent by post as an insured parcel. Shipping costs will not be charged.

Questions & Information about the Wibu Key

One or more products can be activated by a single Wibu Key (as desired).

Example: When purchasing two products (e.g. Culicidae 23 and Simuliidae 23), one Wibu Key will be unlocked for these products and sent by post. If you later buy two more products (e.g. Trichoptera 23 and Pisces 23), the same Wibu Key will then be unlocked for the new products by email. All four products are operated with a single Wibu Key.

Programme licences can be distributed to several Wibu Keys in order to be able to use the software on different computers at the same time.

Example: If a customer wishes to activate the above-mentioned 4 products via two Wibu Keys, one Wibu Key can be programmed for Culicidae 23 and Trichoptera 23 and the second Key for Simuliidae 23 and Pisces 23.

Attention: The distribution of the programmes to several Wibu Keys and the desired combination must be announced in time by phone or email before sending the Wibu Key to the customers address! Subsequent changes are associated with additional costs due to the return and resending of the Wibu Keys.

A reprogramming of already delivered Wibu Keys, which does not concern the activation of newly acquired products, but a change of the combination of activated products, can only be carried out in the Eutaxa Office and therefore requires the return of the Wibu Key.

This would be the case, for example, if a Wibu Key was activated and delivered for five products and the customer subsequently wishes to split the products into two Wibu Keys (in any combination) in order to be able to use the software simultaneously on two computers. In this case, the costs for the additional Wibu Keys and the shipping costs are charged to the customer. The reprogramming by Eutaxa is free of charge. Information on the return of a Wibu Key can be found under “Return“.

Example: A customer has purchased the first licence of five products that are activated by a Wibu Key. These products can only be used on the computer to which the Wibu Key is currently connected. If the intention is to use at least one of these products on a second computer at the same time, the customer not only needs a second Wibu Key, but also a second licence of the desired product. The purchase of another Wibu Key alone is not sufficient.

Multiple licences are cheaper than first licences and their price depends on the number of licences purchased. Further details can be found under the link Prices & Discounts. If you have any questions, please contact Eutaxa by phone or email.

For upgrading from previous product versions to V. 3.0, no new purchase of the Wibu Key is required. Owners of older product versions have the possibility to buy the new version of their products at much reduced prices (Attention: The offer is only valid until 31 March 2024) and to have their Wibu Key activated for the new licences via email. It is not possible to use the V. 3.0 licences with the old activation code.

The other way round is not a problem: The activation of the Wibu Key for 3.0 products does not prevent the use of the previously installed programme versions 1.0 and 2.0. These can be run with the new activation code on computers with older operating systems as before.

The loss of a Wibu Key is equivalent to the loss of the licences activated with it. In the event that the Wibu Key is lost, not only the Wibu Key but also the corresponding licences must be purchased again. However, since the re-purchase is not the 1st licence, the price of the new purchase is calculated according to the licences previously purchased per product.

Example: Owners of two Wibu Keys, on which the 1st and 2nd licence of one or more products is activated, will be charged the purchase price for the Wibu Key and the price for the 3rd product licence in the event that one of the keys is lost.

The warranty for Wibu Keys is two years from the date of delivery. Defects resulting from improper handling or external influences such as fire, overvoltage, mechanical damage, etc. are excluded from the warranty. Defective Wibu Keys can be returned to Eutaxa and exchanged. Information on the return of Wibu Keys can be found in the next section.

For the return of a Wibu Key to be reprogrammed or of a defective Wibu Key to Eutaxa, the shipment must be made in the form of a parcel insured for at least € 500. The costs of the return shipment shall be borne by the customer, those of the delivery to the customer by Eutaxa. Eutaxa shall not be entitled to compensation for items lost in the post without parcel insurance.

Returns shall be addressed to the Eutaxa Office, Dr. Wolfgang Lechthaler, 2092 Riegersburg 101, Austria.

To check the serial number of a Wibu Key, enter the system control panel of the computer to which the Wibu Key is currently connected and open the control element Wibu Key. The serial number is displayed in the directory of the WibuBox list (displayed in the illustration above right by a blue marking).

Customers need the serial number of an already purchased Wibu Key if they want to take advantage of the special discount for upgrading from earlier product versions to version 3.0. If you cannot retrieve the serial number (e.g. because the Wibu Key driver has been uninstalled), please contact Eutaxa.

Activating a Wibu Key per Email

When purchasing additional products, you can have the already purchased Wibu Key activated for the new products per email.

The activation of the newly purchased licences takes place after receipt of the purchase confirmation. For this purpose, the buyer creates a wbc-file, which is sent to Eutaxa by email. Afterwards the buyer receives a rtu-file for reprogramming the wibu key.

Please refer to the following instructions for the exact procedure:

  • Enter the desktop view of that computer to which the Wibu Key is currently connected.
  • Press the right mouse button and move the mouse pointer to “New” in the list that opens
  • In the following menu select “WIBU Control File”
  • Press the “Create” button in the now appearing window
  • A file with the name “MyWibuBox.wbc” has been created on the desktop. Send this file by email to Eutaxa.
  • You will receive a file with the name MyWibuBox.rtu from Eutaxa by email
  • Save this file in any directory of that computer to which the Wibu Key is currently connected
  • Double-click on the MyWibuBox.rtu file to perform the upgrade
  • You will then receive a message that the upgrade of the Wibu Key has been carried out successfully
  • If you also receive an error message, this is usually because you have clicked too often on the rtu-file and the reprogramming was accidentally carried out a second time. Ignore this message
  • You have to upgrade the Wibu Key only once on a single computer because the chip of the Wibu Key was reprogrammed directly by activating the rtu-file.