stagnant waters

Measurement of the vertical distribution of chemical-physical parameters in lakes and ponds using multiparameter sondes. Collection of water samples. Investigation of benthic communities. Continue

running waters

Hydromorphological investigations. Survey of the saprobiological status and the ecological functionality of streams and rivers based on the analysis of macro-zoobenthos communities. Continue


Investigation of species diversity in limnic ecosystems with a focus on macrozoo-benthos. Collecting activities are concentrated on inland waters of Central Europe and the Peloponnese. Continue


Restoration and water logging of drained wetlands. Creation of recreation amphibian spawning grounds. Irrigation concepts, freshwater and wetland management. Continue


Mosquitoes monitoring. Inventory of terrestrial and aquatic stages. Inestigation of breeding sites. Regulation of culicid species with a focus on biological pest control. Continue

species protection

Protection of freshwater habitats. Focus on amphibian protection, mapping, development and implementation of protection concepts and creation of spawning habitats. Continue

research & innovation

Keeping and breeding of aquatic organisms (mainly freshwater fishes) for research purposes, for obtaining preparations and for scientific documentation. Development of electronic identification keys. Continue