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Required Software Modules

The operation of the identification programs requires the installation of the Eutaxa V3 application, the installation of at least one product (e.g. Culicidae 23, Trichoptera 23, etc.), and, if the customer does not only want to use the free demo version, the purchase of one or more Wibu Keys (as desired) to unlock the products.


The Eutaxa software is available for download in the online shop. Two types of program software can be downloaded from there and installed on the customer’s computer:

1. Eutaxa V3 Application (EutaxaV3AppServicesInstaller)

2. Productsoftware (e.g. Culicidae 23, Pisces 23, etc.)


Wibu Key (copy protection)

To unlock the copy-protected products (e.g. Culicidae 23, etc.), it is necessary to purchase a Wibu Key, which is also ordered via the online shop. Owners of a Wibu Key can have it activated by email in order to upgrade a product from former editions 1.0 or 2.0 to V. 3.0 or for newly purchased products.

Program-Componentes & Download

The software can be installed on PCs or notebooks with Windows operating system 10 or higher. The basic module requires a free memory space of just over 517 MB, the amount of data of the individual products varies between about 400 MB (Culicidae) and 2.5 GB (Pisces).

Previous versions of the Eutaxa software already installed do not need to be uninstalled before installing the new V3 modules.

The installation requires administrator rights.

The software required to install a product is available for download in the Eutaxa Shop. The basic module, the Eutaxa V3, including the EutaxaV3AppServicesInstaller, is available free of charge for every customer. The product software, i.e. the electronic identification keys from the Eutaxa series (e.g. MZB Families 23, Pisces 23, etc.) can also be downloaded from the Eutaxa Shop, but is subject to a charge.

An exception is the demo version Trichoptera Families 23, which can be downloaded for free and installed on any number of computers. This product is not copy-protected and therefore does not require a Wibu Key.

Switching to version 3.0 products requires the pre-installation of the Eutaxa V3 application, which is available as a download in the online shop in the form of the EutaxaV3AppServicesInstaller. This basic module provides, among other things, the SQL server and the Wibu Key driver and must first be installed on the customer’s computer (before running the setup of a product). Only then can the setup of the individual products take place on the same computer on which the Eutaxa V3 application was pre-installed.

The EutaxaV3AppServicesInstaller is available free of charge and only needs to be installed once per computer.

The product software (e.g. Culicidae 23, Trichoptera 23, etc.) consists of the database and the image archive. Both, database and images, are encrypted and are unlocked by the Wibu Key (hardware copy protection). The individual products are available in the online shop and can be downloaded from there.

Costs: With the exception of the demo version, all products are subject to a charge. Detailed information on the prices of the individual products and licences can be queried under Prices & Discounts or in the Eutaxa Shop. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Eutaxa or obtain a quote. You will find the links on the homepage, under Prices & Discounts and under Contact. The rights of use of a purchased licence are unlimited in time.

File size: Depending on the product, the file size varies between about 400 MB and 2.5 GB.

Shipping: The products are offered exclusively as downloads. Shipping on CD or DVD is not possible.

Attention: After installation of the products, they are not displayed by their own desktop icons, but can only be opened centrally via the Eutaxa V3 icon on the desktop. The selection of products is done after starting Eutaxa V3 via the menu item “Applications”. A detailed description is given in the Eutaxa User Manual (via the link Folder & Manuals).

By pre-installing the Eutaxa V3 application, customers can check whether the software is compatible with the operating system and the configuration of the computer. Provided the installation runs without complications, no problems are to be expected when setting up the digital keys. This can also be checked beforehand by downloading the free demo version (Trichoptera Families 23) and installing it on the computer. This way, the compatibility of the Eutaxa software can be tested before investing in the purchase of the products.

The activation of the encrypted products requires the purchase of a hardware copy protection. This is offered for sale in the shop in form of a Wibu Key from Wibu Systems.

Most customers buy only a single Wibu Key to unlock all products. However, when purchasing multiple licences, which allow the operation of one or more products on several computers at the same time, a corresponding number of Wibu Keys must be purchased. Furthermore, it is possible to divide product licences among several Wibu Keys, e.g. in order to use product A and B on one computer and C and D simultaneously on a second computer. When purchasing the products and the Wibu Keys in the online shop, the customer can decide which products will be activated on how many Wibu Keys and in which combination.

For more information on the Wibu Key, please refer to the chapter on copy protection. Open questions should be clarified by phone or email before the purchase to avoid later returns and reprogramming of the protection key.

Customers who already have a Wibu Key (hardware copy protection key) to unlock earlier product versions do not need to buy a new Wibu Key in order to unlock the new version 3.0 or when purchasing additional products. They have the possibility to unlock their Wibu Key by email. Instructions how to activate the key per email can be found in chapter copy protection.

When making use of the special discount for the purpose of purchasing the newly programmed product versions 3.0 at reduced prices (40% of the net price), the Wibu Key serial number must be entered in the input mask of the Eutaxa Shop. The serial number can be easily determined on the computer to which the Wibu Key is currently connected by opening the system control panel and entering the Wibu Key system control element. The serial number can be found in the WibuBox list. More details may be found in chapter copy protection.

Order Process in the Eutaxa Shop

Go to the Eutaxa Shop via the menu bar and download the products you want. You will definitely need Eutaxa V3, which you installed first, and some product software, either in the form of a free product (Trichoptera Families or Demo) or a paid product (Culicidae 23, etc.). Note that the download starts immediately as soon as you press the download button.

You must purchase the license for a paid product in the Eutaxa Shop. Either click on the product image in the download area and open the list of all price categories of a product, or go down to the price category (single or multiple license, subscription, special discount, etc.) and select the desired product. You can also purchase a Wibu Key to activate the products (if you do not already own a Wibu Box).

If you have any questions about the order, send an e-mail to Eutaxa requesting a quote with the relevant products and price categories.

After selecting the licenses, press the “Add to Cart” button.

Then open the shopping cart by pressing the “View Cart” button or via the button in the menu bar and check the purchase. Please note that the total price is always shown with value added tax (VAT) in the “Cart totals” section.

Continue with “Proceed to Checkout” and fill in at least the required fields in the form (marked with a red star). When entering your country, a field for entering the VAT number is displayed within the EU. If you have such a number, enter it here so that you do not have to pay the value added tax.

Under “Additional Information” you can enter the Wibu Key serial number or requests regarding the activation of the products.

In Payment Gateways, you can choose between direct bank transfer or payment upon receipt of an invoice.

Please agree to the terms and conditions and the waiver of the right of withdrawal for digital products.

Press the “Buy now” button to complete the order.

You will receive an e-mail from Eutaxa confirming your order and then the invoice.

As soon as the amount has been credited to our company account, the Wibu Key you ordered will be sent to you by post.

If you own a Wibu Key, it will be activated for you by e-mail after payment of the licenses. The prerequisite for this is the disclosure of the Wibu Key serial numbers and the creating and sending of the wbc file to Eutaxa per e-mail.