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download - eutaxa v3

The following product is available to download free of charge:

EUTAXA V3: Basic module of the Eutaxa software


The downloads of Eutaxa V3 and all products were replaced by a new version on 01. 12. 2023, as the installation of the SQL server on some devices required a stronger password. Please only install this new version on your devices.

eutaxa v3

download - demo-versions

The following products are available to download free of charge:

Demo version: Trichoptera Families 23

Demo version: Culicidae: Genus Culex

demo: Trichoptera families

demo: culicidae - genus Culex

download - eutaxa products

The download of Eutaxa products is free, time and quantity of downloads are not limited.

The products are encrypted and protected against misuse by a Wibu Key. The products can therefore only be used after payment has been received in the Eutaxa account and the Wibu Key has been activated for the purchased licenses.

culicidae 23

simuliidae 23

trichoptera 23

Click on a product image to choose from a list of all price categories of this product and use this link to make the purchase and download.

MZB families 23

ephemeroptera 23

pisces 23

shop - subscription-offer - student-discount

The subscription offer provides the purchase of the first license at a reduced price of -15%, but obliges to purchase the product package “Culicidae, Simuliidae, Trichoptera, MZB Families and Ephemeroptera”. All subsequent products (from Pisces 23) can also be purchased at a subscription price, but there is no obligation to buy.


  • 5 Products included
  • 1 Wibu Key free

The student discount enables the purchase of the first product license at a reduced price of -10%. This offer is intended for customers without a UID number.


  • for Private Customers
  • without VAT Number

shop - regular price - single & multiple licenses

1. license

  • of Net Price

2. license

  • of Net Price

3.-6. license

  • of Net Price

7.-10. license

  • of Net Price

shop - special-discount for upgrade to v. 3.0 - valid until 30 April 2024


  • of Subscription Price

1. license

  • of Price of 1. License

2. license

  • of Price of 2. License

3.-6. license

  • of Price of 3.-6. License

shop - wibu key - copy protection

wibu key

  • 65 € for the 1.-2. License
  • 55 € for the 3.-6. License
  • 50 € for the 7.-10. License