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Eutaxa V3 - Basic Module

Eutaxa V3 is the basic module of the Eutaxa software and is available as a free download in form of the EutaxaV3AppServicesInstaller. Run the setup once per computer before installing the first product. To get more information about the Eutaxa V3 module click here


The new product versions 3.0 are ready for you to download. With the exception of the demo version, the licenses are subject to a charge. You can download them at any time – however, your Wibu key will only be activated once payment has been received. Click here for more information

Wibu Key

The Wibu Key (hardware copy protection) is used to unlock your products. Activation takes place after receipt of payment. The Wibu Key will be sent to you by post or as a file for activation by email. Please inform yourself here before you order the Wibu Key in the store.


You can purchase a single license, or, if required, more licenses of a product. The purchase of multiple licenses to use a product on different computers at the same time requires the purchase of a corresponding number of Wibu Keys.


With the subscription offer, you receive the initial license at a reduced price (-15%), but you are obliged to purchase five products. The subscription can be extended to all future products if desired, but there is no obligation to purchase.


Purchasers of earlier product versions can upgrade their products to version 3.0. This requires the reinstallation of the Eutaxa software and the purchase of new licenses at greatly reduced prices. This special offer is valid until April 30, 2024.


Students have the opportunity to purchase Eutaxa products at a discount of -10% of the net price.

Before you buy products and Wibu Keys

If you are not sure which license you want to buy and whether you need a new Wibu Key or how many Keys you need, please read the following texts. If you are still undecided, please contact Eutaxa, express your wishes and request a quote. We will send you precise instructions with the offer as to which product and price selection is right for you.

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