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In 2017, the development of an identification key for parasitic arthropods widespread in Europe was initiated. This program is intended to make it easier for biologists, veterinarians and human medics to determine the species of potential vectors of pathogens, among other things. The focus of this project was placed on the groups of skin mites and ticks (Acari), fleas (Siphonaptera), bugs & lice (Hemiptera), as well as some dipteran groups (e.g. the family Hippoboscidae). Work on this project was discontinued in 2020 due to the high effort required for the development and the completion of the fish larvae key and is scheduled to resume in 2024.

Current Status & further Projects

The images of two species, Dermacentor marginatus (Acari) and Araeopsylla gestroi (Siphonaptera), presented in the picture above and on the left, are intended to illustrate the extent of the photographic material taken per species. The photo documentation of the group Siphonaptera could be completed to a large extent, but there are still deficits in the other groups.

Further projects are currently being planned, whereby the focus will again be increasingly placed on aquatic, and here above all limnic indicator organisms. A decision on specific projects will be done in spring 2024 and will be announced on the Eutaxa website in due time.