Simuliidae 23

Product Description

The product is suitable for the determination of larvae and pupae of 68 simuliid species from Central and Western Europe. The identification of larvae up to species level is focused on the last larval stage, whereby in the dichotomous key a determination with or without inclusion of pupal respiratory filaments is available for selection. Data on saprobic classification and longitudinal zoning are included in the Ecology module and have been updated according to the latest version of Fauna Aquatica Austriaca. Compared to the previous edition, new species were added in V. 3.0 and some systematic changes were made.


Key to Larvae and Pupae from Central and Western Europe

Authors: Wolfgang Lechthaler, Manfred Car (2023)

Copyright: Wolfgang Lechthaler (2023)

ISBN: 978-3-9501839-1-7

Price (Net): 500 €

Price (Subscription): 425 €

Purchase Obligation for Subscribers: Yes

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Number of Images: ca. 2900

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List of determinable Species

  • Greniera fabri
  • Metacnephia amphora
  • Metacnephia blanci
  • Metacnephia lyra
  • Prosimulium fulvipes
  • Prosimulium hirtipes
  • Prosimulium latimucro
  • Prosimulium rufipes
  • Prosimulium tomosvaryi
  • Simulium (Boopthora) erythrocephalum
  • Simulium (Byssodon) maculatum
  • Simulium (Eusimulium) angustipes
  • Simulium (Eusimulium) aureum
  • Simulium (Eusimulium) petricolum
  • Simulium (Eusimulium) rubzovianum
  • Simulium (Hellichiella) latipes
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) angustitarse
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) armoricanum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) bavaricum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) beltukovae
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) bertrandi
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) brevidens
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) carthusiense
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) codreanui
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) costatum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) crenobium
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) cryophilum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) dunfellense
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) juxtacrenobium
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) lundstromi
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) naturale
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) oligotuberculatum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) quasidecolletum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) urbanum
  • Simulium (Nevermannia) vernum
  • Siumlium (Rubzovia) lamachi
  • Simulium (Schoenbaueria) nigrum
  • Simulium (Simulium) argenteostriatum
  • Simulium (Simulium) argyreatum
  • Simulium (Simulium) bezzii
  • Simulium (Simulium) colombaschense
  • Simulium (Simulium) degrangei
  • Simulium (Simulium) hispaniola
  • Simulium (Simulium) ibariense
  • Simulium (Simulium) intermedium
  • Simulium (Simulium) maximum
  • Simulium (Simulium) monticola
  • Simulium (Simulium) morsitans
  • Simulium (Simulium) noelleri
  • Simulium (Simulium) ornatum
  • Simulium (Simulium) paramorsitans
  • Simulium (Simulium) posticatum
  • Simulium (Simulium) reptans
  • Simulium (Simulium) reptantoides
  • Simulium (Simulium) rostratum
  • Simulium (Simulium) trifasciatum
  • Simulium (Simulium) tuberosum
  • Simulium (Simulium) variegatum
  • Simulium (Simulium) voilense
  • Simulium (Simulium) vulgare
  • Simulium (Simulium) xanthinum
  • Simulium (Trichodagmia) auricoma
  • Simulium (Trichodagmia) galloprovinciale
  • Simulium (Wilhelmia) balcanicum
  • Simulium (Wilhelmia) equinum
  • Simulium (Wilhelmia) lineatum
  • Simulium (Wilhelmia) pseudequinum
  • Twinnia hydroides

Species and Image Material

The list of black fly taxa that can be identified up to species level in the electronic key is displayed in the adjacent list on the left. The two developmental stages of almost all species listed here are documented in the reference collection in more than 2.900 images.

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