Extensive optical equipment for carrying out taxonomic analyses. Employment of high-resolution cameras for photomicro-graphy, image analysis and for the measurement of specimens. Continue


Expert in the identification of the dipteran family Chironomidae for 35 years. Taxonomic processing of samples from flowing and stagnant waters, with a focus on larval stages. Continue


Specializing in this group for about 25 years. Focus on the identification of aquatic stages and their ecological classification. In 2005 development of a digital identification key to larval and pupal stages. Continue


Specialization in Culicidae since the development of the digital identification key in 2005. Taxonomic processing of all stages. Monitoring, regulation and ecological classification. Continue

fish larvae

Comprehensive knowledge of the morphology and ecology of fish larvae based on the development of the identi-fication key (2023). Large collection of fish larvae and juveniles. Continue

other groups

Determination of MZB organisms in general. Specialization in larvae of the insect orders Ephemeroptera and Trichoptera. Knowledge of Siphonaptera species and aquatic mosses. Continue

taxonomic courses

Owner of numerous specimens collections. Qualified to lead identification courses for the groups Chironomidae, Simuliidae, Culicidae, Ephemeroptera as well as fish larvae and juvenile stages. Continue